Obtaining Results

Any test taken at the time of consultation will take between 1-10 days to have the results return from the lab, depending on the nature of the test. All our results are returned on line to increase the speed of availability.

It is our policy for the patient to make an appointment to see their doctor for results.

If it is per-arranged with your doctor, some results may be obtained over the phone and given by the Nurse on duty. To safeguard confidentiality, please phone for your results personally. To avoid congestion and waiting, the best time to ring the surgery is usually between 2-3pm Mon-Fri and ask for the nurse for results. Please keep in mind not all results will be available at the same time and some results may take longer be reported by the lab.

Please make sure any test you have done, you will make arrangement to follow up the results, whether it is an appointment or sometimes over the phone.