Online Booking


Please note, there will be gap payment for after hour appointment, if not sure, please ring our surgery to ask.

New patient please ring the surgeries to make appointment.

Here is some explanation of the appointment types, please read before making online booking:

“Standard Consult” – 1 issue, or 2-3 simple issues, eg, scripts or sick notes. Standard driver’s license medical is a “Standard Consult”. For heavy vehicle and commercial vehicle license medical, please choose “Pre-employment or other Medical” option.

“Long Consult” – multiple issue, single but complicated issue, eg,  mental health initial consult.

Any procedure related appointment, including Implanon or Mirena insertion or removal, please ring our surgery.

Childhood 4 years old immunization usually has a health check at the same time, please choose “Immunization + Health Check” option

If you have new claims regarding work cover or motor-vehicle / 3rd part injury, please ring surgery for appointment.

Our doctors do not prescribe any medication of addiction, unless it has been pre arranged and approved.

Please also read carefully on any pop up message and under each doctor’s booking description, to avoid any frustration

Please choose one of the 3 sites for an appointment:

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